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Issue One - Out Now

13/04/2023 | David Lloyd

Travel, they say, broadens the mind. I think they’re on to something.

I’ve been around. I’ve lived in Noctorum, Prenton, Oxton, Birkenhead, Claughton, Tranmere and, finally, a couple of years ago I moved over the water. To Wallasey.

That jump across the Great Float was a pivotal moment for me. I discovered the perfect horseshoe of Leasowe Bay. And Dodgshons Bakery’s quiche. So I’m not going anywhere.

Our family moved to the Left Bank from Liverpool in the great migration of the ‘70s. My dad, a plumber, was drawn to the land of new shopping malls and estates like a Klondike prospector chasing a buried seam of gold.

50 years later, there’s that same sense of change in the air. The mining of untapped veins and deeply-buried treasures. A sense of the soil shifting beneath our feet.

The Left Bank magazine and website is here to document it. Interrogate it. Celebrate it.

Change is a messy, imperfect process. But the Pyramids didn’t build themselves. Ask my dad. He fitted out their toilets.

Over the coming months, we’ll meet the people making life on the Left Bank feel energised and essential. People changing things for the better.

In issue one, we spotlight the amazing stuff that’s already here. And, on the website, we’ve even more stories to share.

You can pick up your free copy of Left Bank, Issue One, from the people and places on our stockists page. I hope you enjoy the issue.

David Lloyd, Editor


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