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Are you a MakeFest Volunteer?

13/04/2023 | John Meadowcroft

Calling all makers, crafters and creatives.

We’re excited for MakeFest on 3 June. So are the brilliant volunteers behind it, who give up so much of their free time to host and promote inclusive artistic events across the Left Bank.

And there’s still time to volunteer for certain roles if you feel like you have some practical creative experience to share with the wider world.

Because MakeFest isn’t a meat-and-potatoes craft fair. It’s a place where open dialogue, community discussion and – most importantly – fun is had between people with an interest in making.

One such role is with Ignite Liverpool. The team is hosting an ‘aspirational event’, and are looking for speakers across the four sessions.

Each of the sessions is approximately an hour long, according to Ignite, consisting of three or four five-minute presentations from speakers (that’s you), before jumping into a Q&A session with the audience.

Do you think you can share your thoughts on the following topics?

Session one: How to encourage Active Travel

Session two: How to encourage food sustainability

Session three: Regeneration and Tourism

Session four: Using Sustainability Creatively

If so and you’d like to know more about the format, Ignite’s site has examples from their 2019 talks at Liverpool’s MakeFest to give you an idea of what the sessions will look like. Click here to find out more.

The MakeFest team are also on the lookout for meeters, greeters, techies and other helping hands. As well as the chance to meet some of the Left Bank's top artistic talent, assistants will also be provided with lunch and get a free t-shirt in way of thanks.

MakeFest isn’t just a chance for people to get into arts and crafts. It’s a way for them to learn more about their hobbies, explore new avenues to take them professionally, discover sustainable techniques and more – all from a team of highly-experienced makers who have walked-the-walk.

Taking place across both the Williamson and Birkenhead Central Library, it’s free to attend between 10 AM – 4 PM. Picking the brains and collaborating with more than 50 dedicated makers… It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Sign up to speak at Wirral MakeFest with Ignite Liverpool

Apply to volunteer in other roles at MakeFest

Read more about the people behind Wirral MakeFest

(Image courtesy of Dr. Diana Powell.)


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