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Butterflies of the Left Bank

15/08/2023 | Jenny Bache

We recently posted our feature from Issue Two exploring parks across the Left Bank that have sprouted from wastelands.

One of the parks mentioned in Rubble Rousers was New Ferry Butterfly Park, which is now home to all sorts of beautiful butterflies and other insects.

But which butterflies help to make up the park's wider ecosystem?

We commissioned local botanical artist Jenny Bache to illustrate the butterflies of the Left Bank, here for you to view in incredible detail. Have you seen them all?

See more of Jenny's botanical illustrations on her website

Butterflies of the Left Bank - Left Bank Issue Two - 02.jpg

1. Painted Lady

2. Red Admiral

3. Common Blue

4. Large or Cabbage White

5. Skipper

6. Comma

7. Speckled Wood

8. Gatekeeper

9. Meadow Brown

10. Brimstone

11. Dingy Skipper

12. Orange Tip

13. Peacock

14. Small Tortoiseshell


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