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18/07/2023 | Gioia Dalosso

There’s more to life than a lacklustre latte. Woodchurch Road’s Chaii offers a flavour-forward alternative to your usual coffee shop.

“As our strapline says Chaii is ‘inspired by friendship.’ I want people to come together, experience something new and enjoy authentic Indian daytime bites.”

We’re sharing a rich and creamy cup of chaii with Safia, owner of Woodchurch Road’s most intriguing and inviting new venue - Chaii.

Chaii on Woodchurch Road - Left Bank.jpg

With its fusion of South Asian aesthetics and charming family photos, and its bold mix of flavours connecting Safia’s Bangladesh roots with her new Left Bank home, Chaii is a real tonic.

“We don’t have music playing so that people are able to hear each other, have real conversations or maybe just come to work peacefully without any distractions,” Safia says as we hug our sweet, robust brews, watching the summer rain soak the shoppers outside.

“My husband's family have had three Indian restaurants in Wirral, but it was always the men running the businesses. So my husband encouraged me to start Chaii and follow my passion for cooking,” Safia says.

Mother to four young children, Safia seized the opportunity when a unit became available, just up from Sainsbury’s, on Woodchurch Road’s busy shopping parade.

Chaii Coffee House in Birkenhead - Left Bank.jpg

So what, exactly, is Chaii, we ask?

“The house Chaii is a unique, pan-cooked traditional tea that is rich and creamy. It’s my mother Zaynob’s recipe and you simply won't find it anywhere else,” Safia says, proudly.

“Customers come back for the Chaii time and time again.”

Judging by our experience, they come back for the food, too. The menu is a hearty mix of homemade samosas, indulgently rich kebabs, colourful salads and freshly baked cakes.

Whether you're an avid coffee lover or just curious to explore flavours a little more exciting than a tepid panini, beat a path to this quirky South Asian eatery. It’ll spice up your shopping trip.

Chaii, 324 Woodchurch Road, Birkenhead, CH42 8PQ

9am – 6pm Monday to Saturday and 10am – 5pm on Sunday

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