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17/05/2023 | David Lloyd

For Birkenhead-born personal trainer Lee Brogan, fitness is a family thing.

“I wanted to give kids the kind of training I never had access to when I was young,” says Lee Brogan of his, and trainer Glenn Rule’s, Elite Youth Development – currently whipping kids into shape from Bromborough to Wallasey, and beyond.

“I played rugby and wanted to pursue that as a career,” Lee says. “I studied sports exercise science at university, and it seemed like a natural progression. I’m not cut out for life behind a computer.”

Lee set up his first fitness studio in Birkenhead thirteen years ago: “My sons pushed me into it, too,” Lee admits – his eldest son, Nathan’s the current Jiu-Jitsu European and World champion for his weight, and plays elite rugby in between.

“I’ve got a team of personal trainers here and some are much younger than me. They motivate me. The job motivates me, no one wants an overweight trainer. My kids push me the most though. Any week now Nathan will be able to put me to sleep with his jiu-jitsu. I’m trying to stay just strong enough to defend myself.”

“Kids who have a keen interest in sport might train daily, compete regularly and are expected to play and perform for their schools,” Brogan says, adding that his youngest, Jude, is starting to show signs that he’s following in his older brother’s footsteps. “He’s learning fast, so I have to keep my wits about me,” Lee says.

“The essential thing is about avoiding injury, not focusing on a six pack. The stress young athletes put on their developing bodies means they need to train and recover properly if they’re to have a future in the sport they love,” he says.

Next up? Lee’s set up training courses for future personal trainers: “We’re delivering level three courses this year to make sure Wirral’s a great place to learn if you want to pursue a career in fitness.”

With four training studios and a couple of yoga studios across Wirral, Brogan’s still drawn to the outdoors between boot camps and sun salutations.

“I’ve lived all over the UK and nowhere compares to home,” he says. “I don’t ever want to live too far from the sea and beach again so the Wirral is perfect. How can you not want to get active and enjoy the outdoors here?”

Find out more about Lee on his website


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