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Left Bank Icons: Hamilton Square station

24/08/2023 | Jen Foden

Jen Foden admits it – she has a thing for bricks. It’s fine, we tell her, we have a thing for her bricks.

No one pays our stately brick-built beauties as much attention as New Brighton-based Jen. For this commission, Jen hopped on the Wirral Line downriver to Birkenhead’s Hamilton Square station, and its Grade II-listed Italianate tower.

Built in 1886, G.E Grayson’s design looks as mighty today as it must have done to those clock-watching Victorian commuters.

“I love drawing buildings with character, especially those that challenge my eye for scale and detail,” Jen tells us.

“This one certainly fits that category with its intricate red brickwork, window surrounds and terracotta tiles.

“I must admit, though, I hadn’t studied Hamilton Square station in any real depth before taking some reference shots. It’s so easy to miss the grandeur of the building close up, on the daily commute or the way home from town.

“If you take the time to look up, you are met by history, industry and real confidence. I suppose this tower represents the ambition and power of the Wirral’s new rail network. It was a joy to draw.”

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